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Presentation Arrangement Completed

Hello everyone, the symposium arrange for the participants, who submitted their abstracts, to present their research to us. Each of them will have 10 mins and 5 mins Questions & Answers. For a detailed time, please visit the presentation section on our symposium website.

Symposium opening soon

Welcome to the BNU-Durham-Monash Joint Symposium, our symposium opening will be started in 30 mins. If you have not gotten the zoom link, please visit the opening page. See you soon.

Add Symposium Flyer

Hello participants, good evening. Welcome to join the symposium. We have created our first symposium flyer with 99 participants. We will create other flyers to make sure you can find your face there. But make sure you have sent your photo to our symposium assistants. The committee is glad to tell you that we haveContinue reading “Add Symposium Flyer”

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