The Lost Chinese Normal Education: Analysis based on the PISA 2018 Teacher Questionnaire

Associate Professor Qian Zhao and Yan Fan (master student), Collaborative Innovation Center of Assessment for Basic Education Quality, Beijing Normal University

In recent years, there’s a tendency of de-normalization in Chinese normal universities. Have teacher colleges lost their value of existence? According to PISA2018 teacher questionnaires, it is found that in developed areas such as B-S-J-Z, (1) Controlling students’ ESCS and teachers’ teaching methods in primary and secondary schools, the higher the proportion of non-normal students among teachers, the lower the average academic performance of the school. (2) In general, teachers of normal students are more likely to adopt effective teaching methods to promote students’ academic achievement, while teachers of non-normal students prefer the traditional teacher-oriented teaching methods. But these rules perform almost the opposite in top schools. (3) Post-job training can narrow the gap between two kinds of teachers in mastering the two most effective teaching strategies, although gaps in other aspects are growing with the growth of teaching age. Overall, China’s normal education needs to be cautious in learning from international experience.

Normal education, PISA2018, normal students, non-normal students, teaching methods

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