3.0-Agogy: Developing an Online Theory to Guide Online Educational Practices

Selma SIA, Assistant Professor, Departemnt of English Language, Frères Mentouri University, Constantine, Algeria. Email: sia.selma@umc.edu.dz
Amira CHERGUI, PhD Student, School of Education, Durham University, Email: amira.chergui@durham.ac.uk

Evidently, the “Internet of Things” is creating exponential growth of human knowledge which is changing the world dramatically and this change has its subsequent effects on higher education. The latter is still trying to cope with the aftershocks caused by Covid-19 pandemic which made the mass-exodus to online teaching-learning mode imperative. Unfortunately, there is no pedagogical model to guide the online teaching-learning practice. This project comes to argue for building which we initially call “3.0-agody”; a model theory which informs effective online education that is: 1) responsive to the accelerated groundbreaking global changes, and 2) aims at forming competent individuals armed with new skills (e.g.: Creativity, originality and initiative; analytical thinking, complex problem solving, etc). 3.0-agogy will be constructed out of holistic bottom-up critical review of the contemporary educational policies, teaching and learning practices, and action research.

3.0-agogy, Online Education, Internet of Things.

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