Developing a future-orientated Continuing Professional Development model for primary maths teachers

Dr Linda Wang, Assistant Professor, School of Education, Durham University, England, Email: yuqian.wang@durham.ac.uk
Prof Chris Brown, Professor in Education, Deputy Executive Dead (Research) Faculty of social Sciences and Health, Durham University, England, Email: chris.brown@durham.ac.uk

This research aims to improve Year 3 primary pupils’ reasoning ability through a CPD package for teachers, and applying these ideas to alternative future-orientated life-system scenarios. Along with providing robust evidence about the benefit of a network involving the university, the local agency and schools, the project directly provides high quality CPD to a number of schools involved in the project. There were two main categories of data gathered: evidence of the need for reasoning-based CPD work, and practitioner feedback on improving the CPD programme. All interviewees held positive attitudes towards the two CPD sessions. Online delivery was also well received. Suggestions for improvement included content aspects that could be developed further, such as expanding discussion of how to build Year 3 pupils’ relevant vocabulary for verbal reasoning. There were also suggestions about possible organisational improvements, including breaking down the sessions more for deeper discussion.

School improvement, reasoning, primary setting

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