Transforming professional competence for early career teachers in China: A case study in a high school

Xiaojing Yan, PhD Candidate, Faculty of Education, Monash University

The research explores teacher competence for early career teachers (ECT) in China and what are ECTs’  challenges to obtain those competences. Qualitative method is employed in the research. Documents collection includes 3 laws and 55 policies in China, and interview data consists of 9 early career teachers, 2 their mentors and 2 administrators at the DS high school in Henan province. In findings,  four key competences levels are constructed for early career teachers from documents analysis. They are moral competence, cognitive competence, professional competence and developmental competence. From interview data, ECTs’ difficulties are at understanding the contents of teacher competences, transferring their roles to fit teacher competences and practicing professional skills.

Teacher competence, early career teachers, Chinese teacher education

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