Improving teachers’ pedagogical skills by developing students’ reflective journal writing strategies in Mongolia

Soyol-Erdene Sanjaa, Lecturer, Mongolian National University of Education, Ulaanbaatar City, Mongolia
Email: soyolerdene@msue.edu.mn

From the beginning of history sounds have played a fundamentally important role in humanity’s development as ways of expression and of communication. However, contemporary western society, and indeed globally, we are experiencing an excess of speech and relentless encouragement to expression. The purpose of this presentation is to identify teachers’ pedagogical strategies that helped to improve their reflective thinking via journal writing and to examine what types of reflective journal entries students write and how reflective journal writing contribute to their language learning improvement. The findings revealed that writing reflective journal is an important task to develop learners’ metacognition, self-assessment, self-encouragement and critical thinking skills. Overall, personalized feedback on their journals and their relationships with their teachers were most essential in helping learners to grow. 

reflective journal writing strategies, metacognition, self-assessment, self-encouragement

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