Perception of Serving Teachers in Hong Kong on their Teacher and Leader Competency Before and After Joining the Profession

Dr Vincent Wong, Senior Lecturer, Social Contexts and Policies of Education, The University of Hong Kong
Email: wongvin@hku.hk

The purposes of this study are to examine (1) the differences in the attainment level (Competent, Accomplished and Distinguished) of “Professional Standards for Teachers of Hong Kong (Teacher-Standard)” and “Professional Standards for Principals of Hong Kong (Leader-Standard)” before and after serving as teachers; (2) the reasons why such differences emerge; (3) the Continuing Professional Development needs of teachers which the Government and University could address. The rationale to examine both teacher and leader standard is because quality teacher preparation programs such as bachelor and postgraduate diploma of education should well-equip aspiring teachers with both teacher standards and leader standards in the paradigm shift of distributed leadership and teacher leadership. In this study, for (1), a questionnaire of 10 standards (Teacher-Standard) and 3 standards (Leader-Standard) would be distributed to serving teachers with other variables such as teaching experiences would be collected, and for (2) & (3), voluntary in-depth interview would be invited and conducted.

leader preparation, teacher preparation, teacher competency, continuing professional development, teacher training

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