School Education Section

updated by 9 June 2021

Professor Chris Brown
School of Education,
Durham University
Professor Yuhong Du
Institute for Education Economics,
Beijing Normal University
Strand Research Leader
Dr Pearl Subban
Faculty of Education,
Monash Univerisity
Strand Research Leader
Dr Eisuke Saito
Faculty of Education,
Monash Univerisity
Strand Research Leader
Dr Wenyan Liang
Institute for Education Economics,
Beijing Normal University
Strand Research Leader
Miss Gloria Zhang
PhD candidature
Monash University
Symposium Assistant
Miss Qiandong Zhou
PhD candidature
Durham University
Symposium Assistant

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9 June

Group Discussion Time

Questions are:
1. Is education in its current format currently fit for purpose?

2. What are the challenges facing society that education needs to tackle?

3. If you were to set up a new education system from scratch, what would its purpose be?

Document for presentation on 10th June 2022
Creating Education Futures – School Education – Book Chapter.docx
10 June

Group Presentation Time (participants’ presentations)

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NameUniversity / SchoolPositionEmail address
SE1Agnes MercerVic government schoolClassroom
SE2Qiandong ZhouDurham UniversityPhD Student /
SE3Dr Fiona Xiaofei TangBeijing Normal University-Hong Kong Baptist University United International CollegeAssistant
SE4Professor Chris BrownDurham UniversityDurham
SE5Professor Longlong HouBeijing Normal UniversityAssociate
SE6Ni Putu Amellia ArtikaMonash UniversityMaster
SE8Ran ZhaoBeijing Normal
SE9Yanbin GuoBeijing Normal UniversityPhD Student /
SE11Hanyu LinMonash UniversityMaster
SE12Wenjun LiuHaileybury International SchoolTeaching
SE13Minjie TangMonash UniversityMaster
SE14Bingqing LiMonash UniversityPhD Student /
SE15Guo Zhang, GloriaMonash UniversityPhD Student /
SE16Chengwen YuanThe University of MelbournePhD Student /
SE17Min ZhangMonash UniversityMaster
SE18Feiran ChengMonash UniversityMaster
SE19Wanqing GuBeijing Normal UniversityMaster
SE20Junyun ShiBeijing Normal UniversityPhD Student /
SE21郑丽娜Nanjing Normal UniversityMaster
SE22Siyan Liu (Vera)Shaanxi Normal UniversityMaster
SE23叶晓鑫Beijing Normal UniversityMaster
SE24Ziying ChenZhejiang UniversityMaster
SE25智慧Beijing Normal UniversityUndergraduate
SE26Changjie LiEast China Normal UniversityUndergraduate
SE27陈淑瑶Beijing Normal UniversityMaster
SE28Yujuan TuKing’s College LondonMaster
SE29Kai WuShanghai Normal UniversityMaster
SE30Leah WangShanghai Normal UniversityMaster
SE31Ru CaiNanjing Normal UniversityPhD Student /
SE32Tengfei LiBeijing Normal UniversityMaster
SE33Wen LiBeijing Normal UniversityUndergraduate
SE34Anna Hayyu RahmawatiMonash UniversityMaster
SE36Emma HartMonash UniversityMaster
SE37Hongjian WangMonash UniversityMaster
SE39Syphann LyMonash UniversityMaster
SE40Zheng min WangYunnan universityUndergraduate
SE41周佳欣Beijing Normal UniversityPhD Student /
SE42Lu HuiBeijing Normal UniversityMaster
SE43Luying YouBeijing Normal UniversityPhD Student /
SE44Xiaoyu ZhongBeijing Normal UniversityMaster
SE45Xiaoqi LiBeijing Normal UniversityPhD Student /
SE46Yan SunBeijing Normal UniversityMaster
SE47Dora LiBeijing Normal UniversityPhD Student /
SE48Dr Eisuke SaitoMonash
SE49Sulastri PardaniMonash UniversityMaster
SE50Wenting ZengBeijing Normal UniversityPhD Student /
SE52Liuyan ZhouMonash UniversityPhD Student /
SE53Bingjie HeMonash UniversityMaster
SE54Zhiqiu ChenBeijing Normal University-Hong Kong Baptist University United International CollegeAssistant
SE55Neelam SinghThe University of the South PacificPhD Student /
SE56Kulwinder MaudeDurham UniversityAssistant
SE57Boulus ShehataBeijing Normal UniversityPhD Student /
SE58Dora ChenEast China Normal UniversityMaster
SE59Yifan WuMonash UniversityMaster
SE60Dr Rhonda Di BiaseThe University of MelbourneSenior
SE61Like GaoMonash UniversityTeaching
SE62Shatila RezaThe Aga Khan School, DhakaSchool Principal /
SE63Professor Marcia McKenzieThe University of
SE64Dr Aga RehamoSichuan Normal UniversityAssociate
SE65Xinyu GaoEast China Normal UniversityMaster
SE66Nan ChenMonash UniversityUndergraduate
SE67Yanhuan WeiBeijing Foreign Studies UniversityMaster
SE69Cassie PhangBeijing Foreign Studies UniversityMaster
SE70Ni Putu Amellia ArtikaMonash UniversityMaster
SE71Dr Huiling TanBeijing Normal UniversityAssociate
SE72Dr Nikmah
SE74Dr Lei ZhengBeijing Normal UniversityAssociate
SE75Dr Miki WatanabeTokyo Metropolitan UniversityAssistant
SE76Bingqing LiMonash UniversityPhD Student /
SE77Jiaqi LiMonash UniversityPhD Student /
SE78Zhiqiang YueJiangxi Normal
SE79Xue XiaNortheast Normal UniversityAssociate
SE80Dr Jinqiu JiangCapital University of Economics and BusinessAssociate
SE81Zhaoying HeBeijing Normal UniversityMaster
SE82Shilong PangBeijing Normal UniversityPhD Student /
SE83Sofia NguyenMonash UniversityMaster
SE84Chunlei LiHunan Normal UniversityMaster
SE85Professor Ping DuBeijing Normal
SE86Shuting XueMonash UniversityMaster
SE87Huong Thao NguyenMonash UniversityMaster
SE88Minhua YangMonash UniversityMaster
SE89Tiffany GuanMonash UniversityMaster
SE90ZariaMonash UniversityMaster
SE91Renjie LuoBeijing Normal UniversityMaster
SE92Zimeng WangMonash UniversityMaster
SE93Mochammad Ircham MaulanaBegawanSchool Principal /
SE95Elliot CoombeMonash UniversityMaster
SE97Chenyu YangMonash UniversityMaster
SE98Xu YanMonash UniversityMaster
SE99徐广华Beijing Normal UniversityPhD Student /
SE101Clarisse FernandezMonash UniversityMaster
SE104Dr Cristina CostaDurham UniversityAssociate
SE105Professor Stephen GorardDurham
SE106Qing ZhaoMonash UniversityMaster
SE107Dongoing YuejuanBeijing Normal UniversityPhD Student /
SE109Xiaoting YuAutonomous University of BarcelonaPhD Student /
SE110Atsushi TsukuiInternational Development Center of JapanResearch
SE111Professor Ping DuBeijing Normal
SE112Dr Pearl SubbanMonash UniversitySenior
SE113Ran SunBeijing Normal UniversityPhD Student /
SE114Ran SunBeijing Normal UniversityMaster
SE115Yilan JiangMonash UniversityMaster
SE116Jieyu HongMonash UniversityMaster
SE117Cunrui Xue (Vera)Monash UniversityMaster
SE118Dr Dongyu LiBeijing Foreign Studies UniversityAssistant
SE119Tan LiBeijing Normal UniversityPhD Student /
SE120Guying GongMonash UniversityMaster
SE122Ziyue SunMonash UniversityUndergraduate
SE123Dr Xiaojing YanMonash
SE124杜江缘Master Student
SE125CC KongBeijing Normal University-Hong Kong Baptist University United International
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